All you need to know about Vegas Crest Casino

The online world has a lot of advantages and opens a million new opportunities. But can it really be a viable alternative to Vegas? Can it really give the same thrill and adrenaline rush? After all, an online casino is just the screen in front of you compared to the buildings, fountains, roads and so much more of the real city. We have some avid gamblers on our team and together with them, we decided to do a thorough Vegas Crest Casino review to see if online Vegas games have even the slightest chance of being as good as the real thing.

Review Criteria for an Online Casino

To dive deep into the 50 shades of a casino online, we compiled a list of criteria based on which our review is based. The season gambling veterans helped compile a list of items to pay attention to when analyzing this online casino USA is.

  1. Site safety and security

Any website accepting payments better have the needed encryption and all the required certificates for operating.

  • Player reviews online

Our opinions are not enough so we turned to others online.

  • Payment methods

When it comes to ways of depositing or withdrawing funds, we say – the more the merrier.

  • Bonus system

We are big fans of free stuff and with the current competition, we are really expecting some great incentives to start and to keep playing in the long run.

  • FUN

Why else would you come to an online casino if not to have fun?

With this in mind, we were off to online Vegas, baby! Now that we’ve got our rating criteria down, let’s see just how well the Vegas Crest Casino did.

Vegas Crest Site Security – 9/10

We started off at the top of the website right near the address bar. In it, you can always find a little lock, which represents the security of the connection. Vegas Crest Casino does have it, though. Upon deeper analysis, the certificate they have is Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA and it is currently valid till April 2022.

The privacy policy is there, but it is so hard to read. We sure had to take a few breaks before we were able to get to the end of this Vegas Crest policy.

The website has all the needed encryptions, certificates, and even a few extra badges, and a few impressive recommendations.

  • The Comodo license,
  • GA Gambling Anonymous,
  • TST Labs certified,
  • Gaming Labs certified,
  • GamCare – Problem Gambling Support.
  • Safe gambling platform since 1996 badge,
  • Fast payout badge,
  • Safe banking badge,
  • seal of approval,
  • LCB seal of approval,
  • VSO approved,
  • Top of casino bonus club
  • Wizard of Odds (est. 1997) approved.

Online Casino Player Reviews – 8/10

The next stop was going through Google Maps, Yelp, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and a bunch of other sites we searched to get true player reviews and learn about their positive or negative experiences. What we found out may not surprise you very much, but apparently, people hate to lose and love to win at any online casino, Vegas Crest included. What we were looking for was information about people being cheated or pressured into something they didn’t want to do. Now there was one guy who said – “I’ve been making constant deposits nearly weekly and still haven’t gotten the jackpot! $10 a week! How long can it take???”. While we totally get his frustration, unfortunately, the jackpot gets broken by such a small number of people that you can probably count them with your two hands. Overall, there was an average amount of love and hate out there. Some even called it the best online casino out there.

Variety of Payment Methods – 10/10

When looking for payment methods we wanted to make sure that the most popular ones are present, and a good variety is also given. Because when people want to give online casino real money, they want it to be easy and safe. Here Vegas Crest Casino got it all completely right! They have Visa, they Have MasterCard, and just with these two methods, they cover most of the users. For those looking for something extra – Bitcoin, Money Transfer, and instant vouchers are also available.  

Just the fact that MasterCard and Visa allowed the website to use their payment methods is really saying a lot about how trustworthy the website is. Can you imagine all the requirements everyone needs to meet to even be considered at cooperating with these financial giants?

The lavishness of the Bonus System – 10/10

The next stop was seeing just how much free stuff an average player can rake in. We are happy to announce that it is truly a lot! This may have been the most enjoyable part for us! While roaming through the website, we were on a quest to discover all the bonuses that you can obtain and are happy to report that there are a lot!

  • Welcome bonuses of up to $2500,
  • Free spins and a match of 200% and 300% for the player’s first 2 deposits,
  • Daily bonuses that match the user’s first daily deposit of up to 200%,
  • VIP tournaments that come with a fantastic win,
  • Women Power Slot competition every Monday with a cash prize of $500,
  • Irish slot competition on Wednesdays with a prize of $500,
  • Bankroll boosts of up to 225% on Top-notch Thursdays.

Online Casino Fun – 10/10

The website may seem a bit bleak at first glance, but after clicking around a bit we were able to discover a world of endless games of all shapes and sizes. We got to travel the world with slots themed after Egyptian Sphinx, Japanese cats, Gods of Olympus, and Irish Leprechaun. We’ve got to admit that some games are shamelessly cheesy, but they made us smile, nevertheless.

The types of games also come in exquisite variety – table games, slots, video poker, keno, and bingo. In addition to that, you have feature games and live dealer options. We’ll be frank, though, the live dealer options really do bring back the spirit of Vegas with its flashy casinos and a jaw-dropping staff. The graphics, the sounds, the games – everything is fun and exciting so we hope you’ll enjoy your time here as much as we did!

Overall Casino Review

With an overall score of 47 out of 50, the Vegas Crest Casino definitely collected lots of gold stars from us. It has a secure website full of games for all gamblers. While the online reviews may be a bit mixed, it is certain that nobody got cheater or scammed out of their money. Unfortunately, Lady Luck doesn’t always listen but that is what gambling is all about. Winning or not, the site provides lots of exciting ways to spend your money or you can even try some games for free. However, this is what we think about it all – your decision is up to you.